Business insurance is designed to cater for those in industry, processing, manufacturing and owners of commercial premises. Geelong’s Roderick Insurance Brokers deliver tailored business insurance solutions for mid to large-scale businesses. We work with both business management teams and property owners to reduce risk and protect your assets, products and people.

For those in industry concern is generally around:

  • protecting the assets of the business, including contents, plant and equipment
  • protecting the business owner against legal liabilities from members of the public
  • protecting the business owner against legal liabilities from the products they manufacture
  • meeting the insurance requirements of signed lease agreements
  • Workers Compensation – a compulsory insurance.

For commercial property owners concern is generally around:

  • protecting the major asset, being the building
  • covering loss of rent should a claim occur and the premises be unable to be tenanted
  • protecting the business owner against legal liabilities as a property owner.

Common business insurance policies required by Roderick Insurance Brokers’ clients include business interruption insurance, equipment and machinery breakdown and insurance of general property.

Increasingly businesses are considering new insurance risks such as:

  • cyber crime – if you hold client records on computer, or other sensitive and private information, cyber risk insurance covers first- and third-party liability.
  • management liability – insurance for privately owned businesses for unintended errors, employee dishonesty and other unintended negligent conduct.

Please contact Roderick Insurance Brokers for more information on our range of cover options, or request a business insurance quote online.

We specialise across a variety of industrial and commercial insurance products for Geelong and Werribee, including builders insurance, office insurance and farm and rural insurance.

We can offer
  • A tailored policy to suit your requirements
  • Professional advice on which covers you should consider
  • Flexible payment options including monthly payments
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Specialised claims service