Roderick Insurance Brokers offer three types of motor vehicle insurance for our Geelong and Werribee customers:

  • comprehensive cover
  • third-party property damage, fire and theft cover
  • third-party property damage cover.

The auto insurance option you choose will depend on the type, age and value of your vehicle as well as the age and driving history of the driver.

Comprehensive car insurance

Covers against theft or accidental loss or damage to your vehicle and legal liability for damage caused by your vehicle to the property of other people. Additional Covers that can be added for an extra premium when you have Comprehensive cover include:

  • agreed value
    At the time of policy issue, the value of your vehicle is established and fixed for the period of insurance. If you have a total loss, you know the amount you will receive as settlement, less any excess payable.
  • Windscreen extension
    This option allows you to claim one windscreen per year without having to pay an excess or affecting your no claim bonus.
  • Protected no claim bonus
    When you have a maximum no claim bonus, you can protect it so if you have one at-fault claim in a year, your no claim bonus will not be affected.
  • Hire car after an accident
    This option provides you with a rental or hire car following an accident.

Third-party property damage, fire and theft cover

This type of policy provides cover for loss or damage to your vehicle by fire or theft only, and your legal liability for loss or damage to another person’s vehicle or property.

Third-party property damage insurance

This type of policy provides cover for your legal liability for loss or damage caused by your vehicle to another persons’s vehicle or property. Additional cover included when you have third-party fire and theft or third-party only cover:

  • uninsured motorist benefit
    Covers damage to your vehicle, only if the damage is caused solely and directly by another vehicle where that vehicle is uninsured and you can supply details of registration number, name and address of driver.

Motorcycle insurance

Roderick Insurance Brokers can  provide a variety of options for motorcycle cover, including:

  • comprehensive
  • third-party fire and theft
  • third-party only
  • fire and theft for vehicles
  • off-road rider usage

Roderick Insurance Brokers also offer prestige motor vehicle insurance. Please contact our Geelong insurance broker offices for more information.

You can also make a windscreen claim online, or request a quote for motor vehicle insurance.

Please note: this website content doesn’t take into account what you currently have, want and need for your personal circumstances. It is important for you to consider these matters and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you make a decision about your motor vehicle insurance.

We can offer
  • A tailored policy to suit your requirements
  • Professional advice on which covers you should consider
  • Flexible payment options including monthly payments
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Specialised claims service