Roderick Insurance Brokers in Geelong and Werribee offer a highly personalised service, dedicated to making insurance easy for all our customers. We can explain your questions in plain English, educating you about the best choices and options for your individual needs.

Please contact our commercial insurance brokers in Geelong or Werribee for more information.

Why use an insurance broker?

The role of an insurance broker is to help both individuals and businesses in dealing with the complex issues of insurance. An insurance broker will spend time with you to find out what risks are associated with your particular circumstances and advise and arrange insurances to protect your valuable assets. They handle all matters concerning your insurances from amendments to claims and renewals and they are a point of contact for advice at any stage.

An insurance broker works as your representative with your interests in mind at all times. Insurance brokers are required to be extensively trained and qualified and they are monitored by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to ensure they comply with all regulations.

What types of insurance policies do you offer?

At Roderick’s we specialise in a wide range of personal insurance and commercial insurance broker services, inlcuding:

Commercial insurance

Personal insurance

Dealing with many insurance companies we are able to recommend and provide you with the best policy for your individual needs

We have also partnered with Steadfast Life to look after any of your life insurance needs.

Should you require further information on any product or to request a quote, please contact us

How do you choose which company to place my business with ?

We deal through a selected range of insurance companies and providers and make recommendations based on the quality of cover appropriate to your needs, competitive pricing and superior claims service. We only recommend insurance companies that are approved by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

What methods of payment do you offer?

We offer a one-off annual payment and in most cases can offer monthly instalment billing for our personal and commercial insurance broker services.

Many personal policies and some business insurances can be paid via monthly payments at no extra charge, however some policies are only able to be offered via instalment billing if arranged though a finance company. This is known as Premium Funding and we are able to facilitate this arrangement.

We’re pleased to offer a range of flexible insurance broker payment options.

How can I request a quote?

Roderick Insurance Brokers are proud to offer a highly personalised service. You can request an insurance quote online for your home and contents, cars and other vehicles, boats or business and one of our experienced broking team will call to discuss your individual needs and arrange the policy that best fits.

What do I need to do when I make a claim?

Depending on the nature of your claim, whether business or personal, and the surrounding circumstances, there may be steps you should take prior to making your claim.

If you need to make a claim outside Roderick Insurance Brokers’ business hours, please refer to our list of emergency contacts.