Travel Insurance is an essential purchase if you are planning a trip. The experts at Roderick Insurance Brokers in Geelong and Werribee make sure you’re protected for events including:

  • cancellation of trip due to unforeseen circumstances
  • medical expenses incurred in another country and costs to be flown home if necessary
  • lost, damaged or stolen luggage
  • travel delay
  • personal liability.

We offer travel insurance policies to cover:

Travel insurance policies vary from insurer to insurer so it is imperative you know what you are covered for – and more importantly, what you are not covered for. Travel insurance cover is not unlimited and there are many exclusions and limits that apply. For example, most policies do not cover items left unattended in a public space. Travel policies put the onus on the insured to take utmost care.

Many activities you may consider normal, like hiring a motorbike when visiting Bali, might be an exclusion under the policy. It is recommended that you speak to us and advise where you are going, what activities you plan to undertake and a suitable policy can usually be arranged.

Non-disclosure of some pre-existing medical conditions can render the medical part of the policy null and void, so it is important this is discussed prior to taking out the policy.

As a trusted insurance advisor we can help you plan for and enjoy your well-deserved holiday. Please contact our Geelong insurance brokers for more information, or you can request an insurance quote online.

If you’ve recently returned from your holiday and need to make a claim, you can also complete our online insurance claim form.

We can offer
  • A tailored policy to suit your requirements
  • Professional advice on which covers you should consider
  • Flexible payment options including monthly payments
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Specialised claims service