Failure to register pools or spas in Victoria could affect your home insurance

May 22, 2020

Did you realise that from December 1 2019 the Victoria State Government brought in new laws requiring owners of swimming pools @/or spas to register them with the local council. The final date for lodging an application to register is the 1st June 2020.

Once registered, a further step is required in that owners are required to arrange an inspection and certification of their safety barrier to ensure that the barrier is compliant with the applicable standard. The required barrier standard is dependant on the date that the pool was constructed and the barrier will need to be re-certified every four years.

These new requirements apply to every Victorian property owner with a swimming pool or spa capable of holding more than 30 cm of water.

Home insurance policies may exclude loss or injury attributable to pools or spas that are not compliant .  Therefore it is essential that Victorian pool/spa owners adhere to the new requirements.

Detailed information can be found here on the VBA website.