Why using an Insurance Broker is more important than ever

September 5, 2020

The world has changed a lot especially of late and the bricks and mortar offices of insurance brokers are probably not as relevant as they were previously.

With the global pandemic, our insurance office doors in Geelong and Werribee have had to close and we have been forced to communicate via phone, email and zoom meetings.

What hasn’t changed though is the need for people seeking insurance to be able to speak to someone who wants to help them by listening to them and their particular needs and is keen to find the best solution. Most importantly they have the knowledge and experience to back up the advice being given.

An Insurance brokers job is to act on behalf of their clients, to understand their client’s business or personal insurance needs and tailor an insurance solution for them. Insurance Brokers deal with many insurance companies and depending on the client’s requirements , they will find the best policy for them in coverage and price.

The relationship between insurance broker and client doesn’t stop after the new policy is arranged. Throughout the duration of the policy, the insurance broker is the person to call when the client has a query about that new piece of equipment they have bought or they are picking up a new car and need insurance before they can drive it away. The client may just need some advice before signing a contract to take on a new project.  A spontaneous purchase of a diamond ring might prompt the client to call his/her broker to find out what cover is needed.

The time when people really need help is when they have a claim. There are forms to complete, documents to provide and client’s just want to have someone to call and ask for advice. An insurance broker provides that assistance and uses their knowledge of the claims process to help things run as smoothly as possible. The insurance broker is the one hanging on the line for 30 minutes to the insurance company and not the client.

The relationship between the client and the broker is the key difference between buying insurance online by price alone and dealing with your insurance broker who is a familiar person whose job is to make your life easier and let you concentrate on running your business or home .

At Roderick Insurance Brokers we have a staff of over 35 people across Geelong and Werribee regions and even as far as Cairns . We are led by our MD Keith Roderick who has been in the business for over 50 years and he understands insurance !

We have local knowledge but also ability to offer insurance to anyone anywhere.

Please contact our insurance broker team in Geelong or Werribee for more information or to obtain an insurance quote.